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Statistical Process Control training course is a method that enables manufacturers to prevent problems and to control their production processes. Unfortunately, it is often applied incorrectly, and the potential benefits are not realized.

When applied properly, SPC identifies changes to a process. These can be changes that are still within specification—but are statistically different than where the process was previously running. By identifying the changes, personnel can identify what caused the change and potentially improve the process or prevent the production of inferior products.

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PC charts can quickly detect increases or decreases in variation, and variation is arguably the biggest problem manufacturers face. If variation decreases, personnel can identify the causes and sustain the improvement. If variation increases, personnel can identify the issue long before parts are scrapped or customers complain.

This course teaches participants the fundamental concepts and methods needed to establish effective control charts and estimate process capability. In addition to learning traditional control charts (e.g. xbar, r/s), participants will be exposed to other useful charts for handling multiple sources of variation (within/between) and short production runs. Practical aspects of implementing SPC on the shop floor are also discussed.


Quality & Process Engineers
Quality Technicians
SPC Supervisors
Production Supervisors
Personnel involved in process development and validation
Laboratory Personnel
Manufacturing/Operations Personnel
Process Improvement Personnel
Supplier Quality Personnel
Six Sigma Professionals
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